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ShiYan Precision Instruments Co., Ltd. of Dongguan

Address:NO.23 XingYuan Road, Houjie Village, Houjie Town, Dongguan City. Guangdong Provience, China

Tel:  0769-85960096/0769-85990016
Fax: 0769-85990016
Mr. Xie: 18826890096
Ms. Li : 18122859758
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Professional technical team, excellent product quality

My company has a professional pre-market after-sales team, product research and development team, production management team, product inspection team. The research is committed to creating high-quality brand, the company takes quality first, the concept of good faith for this, from the choice of raw materials are strictly controlled, the production process control processing technology and processing precision, before delivery by the commissioner to control product quality, strict inspection standards, ensure that every product meet the technical requirements and quality standards.

Focus on user needs, pay attention to user experience

Dongguan the research set up the material forming preparation experience r&d center and laboratory, at the same time equipped with excellent professional and technical personnel to provide technical advice and solution, enable customers to fully understand the relevant equipment before purchase the principle, structure, usage and performance. At the same time my company is responsible for free door-to-door to the user operation personnel training before taking up their service, users understand and familiar with the performance of the device, until the operation personnel use equipment and mastering the basic maintenance of common sense. Ensure the supply of spare parts for a long time, my company provide free maintenance and upgrade of the software system, and provide free technical advisory services for a long time, completely solve the user's worries.





ShiYan Precision Instruments Co., Ltd.

ShiYan Precision Instruments Co., Ltd. of Dongguan is integrated development, production, sales, maintenance, technical support and other three-dimensional full-service as one of the precision instrument manufacturer. Our products are widely used in various fields of rubber , plastics, chemicals , pigments, etc. , to adapt to the aerospace , defense, petrochemical, marine , electronics, optical communications , building materials , packaging, electronics, automotive and transportation, agriculture and light industry and other major industries .

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